Marine Insurance

Sozo Logistics caters for all your Insurance needs:

Marine Insurance is often neglected during supply chain operations which could have catastrophic consequences for cargo owners. Do not be misled into thinking that your cargo is of a low risk nature when it comes to theft of damages, there are other perils involved.

Marine cargo insurance cover can cover physical loss and/or damage to your cargo, whether transported by road, rail, air or sea.

It is a means of transferring the uncertainty of risk to an insurer and thereby providing you with peace of mind at a minimal cost in going about your business of moving cargo.

Sozo Logistics holds an "open marine” policy and is able to automatically activate cover for each shipment.

We raise the insurance on the prime freight invoice so there’s no supplementary invoice that will unexpectedly arrive on your desk a month or two later thus affecting your costs.

If we insure the shipment, and should you be in the unfortunate position of needing to claim, we also handle the claims process for you – from beginning to end without involving you in lengthy procedures and extensive paperwork.

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