Warehousing/ Distribution

Warehousing and Distribution


Sozo provides securely managed storage facilities as well as:

  • In-house warehousing and distribution
  • Comprehensive stock control and inventory management
  • Customized solution to cater to your specific need.

Benefits to our customers:

  • Reduced labour and asset costs through outsourcing
  • Comprehensive stock control and inventory management
  • Additional services such as; picking, packing, sorting, shrink wrapping and palletising
  • Limited warehousing liability insurance available on all stock.

Transportation and Distribution

Sozo Logistics caters for all your transportation and distribution:

  • Inland or into Africa – we facilitate the transport of your goods from the port to the premises you require.This includes cross-border transportation into the neighboring countries of South Africa including Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and the DRC. Abnormal loads, full truckloads and road consolidations are available both nationally and cross-border. Insurance is subject to the carrier’s Limited Liability.
  • All-risks in-transit’ insurance is available under the Sozo Logistics open marine policy subject to us receiving such a request in writing.
  • Tracking and monitoring of cargo is provided on all transportation handled through our office. Cross-border customs formalities can be arranged on behalf of our customers if required.

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